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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

ISP Cooking Day 1

Hey everyone!

Today we started our cooking journey of Peruvian cuisine. For the next two weeks from Monday through Thursday we will have two special dishes for everyone at home to cook and enjoy. Today we made Ceviche and Causa. Daniela is writing about Causa and I am writing about Ceviche. For Ceviche the best types of fish to use are white fish and the worst type is tuna. Salmon can also work but it has a very strong taste. So here is Trucha Ceviche. I hope you all enjoy. 🙂


1 piece of Trucha

2 Lemons

12 tsp Salt

14 tsp Pepper

1 Chile Pepper (small)

14 tsp Garlic

14 tsp Ginger

5 leaves Cilantro

Steps to cook:

a) Take your piece of fish and cut it into small squares. After place the pieces of fish in a large bowl.

b) Get your onion, cut it in half, and take out the heart of each one. After cut the onions into small slices.

c) After cutting onions, put in water while you begin to cut the other vegetables.

d) Take your chile pepper and cut the tips off. After filet it and cut the two slices into small squares. Add to large bowl and mix well.

e) Mince cilantro and add to large bowl. Mix well.

f) Add salt. pepper, and garlic to large bowl. Mix well.

g) Grate the ginger and add the juice to large bowl. Mix well.

h) Cut two lemons in half and juice them in large bowl. Mix well.

i) Finally add onion that has been soaking in water to large bowl.

j) Add to plate and enjoy.

Helpful garnish: Eat your ceviche with plantain chips.

Tomorrow we will have pictures as we both forgot our cameras. Ciao for now 🙂

– Adam