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Nights in a Thai Village.

What if we learned the features of the landscapes we live within and visit rather than relying on GPS?… What if we experienced sensations and learned the intricacies of the living earth and the journeys had by Her children via touch rather than scroll?… What if we were to sing to our food, recognizing her as alive instead of turning “it” into an inanimate industrial system?… To what extent have we forfeit the ancient technologies inherent within all of us in exchange for modern conveniences and so-called “progress”?

These are some of the questions we are asking ourselves as we visit with our indigenous Bakakayon (Karen) hosts in the forest village of Hua Hin Lad Nai.

Here mythology merges with science and Land is but and extension of one’s bloodline. Nature Spirits are abundant as is the breathe of the Buddha’s “Dharma”.

Living simply is not necessarily “simple. In truth the depth of wisdom held in such intact peoples is often beyond compare. And for a few rare days we are all very fortunate to learn from new friends from our global community about what this means from their point of view.

Sawasdee na krap;)