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Two Dragons welcome the sunrise with an improvised dance atop the Andes. Photo by Ryan Gasper.

Our First Trek in Torotoro Itinerary

Orientation is a wrap! Scavenger hunts, team building excercises, and lessons on group safety and health have kept us very busy and it’s now time to get out there and learn. Today we begin a 5 day, 4 night trek in Torotoro national park.

We will be out of cell service and communication until the night of Feb 17. You’ll hear more from us when we begin our homestay portion of the trip in Tiquipaya.

Day 1: Drive to Torotoro, arriving around 2pm. Walk 3km to our first campsite called molle cancha.

Day 2: 5 hours walking uphill to an elevation of 3250m where we will make camp at huaillas orqo. We will see dinosaur footprints this day!

Day 3: Day hike to llama chaqui on an 8 hour loop. We will leave all our stuff in the campsite and come back to camp the same day.

Day 4: 2 hour hike to our campsite la ciudad del niño perdido. Here we will have lots of time to explore the nearby ruins and learn about their history.

Day 5: 8 hours trekking this day, seeing canyons, caves and rivers. At 4 pm a van will pick us up to bring us to Tiquipaya.

So there’s the plan! We’ll check in again soon when we are settled in in Tiquipaya.


The instructors