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Our new home in San Juan la Laguna

Some photos from our home for the next week in San Juan la Laguna.


Here are a series of images from our new home in San Juan. Language, classes, homestay families, and life around town.

Big smiles as we wrap up our orientation at the hotel and get ready to meet host families

Today began with Spanish class in an outdoor classroom surrounded by coffee trees overlooking the lake.

UNO, the card game that brings together cuatro hermanos in UNA familia.

Our host mothers line up to meet their “hijos”.

Representing two of the best Bay Area educational institutions as we meet our families!

We witnessed a coffee grower drying beans as we walked through town.

And we also met a local carrying firewood for the stove. (Look for a typical stove in the next picture!)

And of course HELADO for dessert while we waited to meet families in the weaving cooperative.

Everyone devoured Pepián prepared by homestay families for lunch in the Program House.