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Photo by Elke Schmidt, Senegal Bridge Year Program.

Reflections on Senegal

Bonjour Bonjour Bonjour! While here in Senegal I wanted to practice the long greeting but due to lack of the language I made my own up by saying Bonjour 3x with a long hand shake or a hug if it is allowed or accepted.

I have some many favorite places the group visited, stayed or ate at.
I love the island Ndjior because of the freedom, safety, because you can’t get lost, I am not the best at directions or maps.

The balance Dragons provides living with locals and then the best hotels with AC was very welcoming for me. A bit of pampering is a good thing, haha!

Coming to the mother land was not on a bucket list wish for me. I am happy I chose Senegal from the list of the Dragons programs. For future participants, start with the name of a country that speaks to you if you like me who just wanted to  be part of a Dragon trip.

I have seen quite a few black people who seem like tourists here, I am not sure, they are younger people than I am. Maybe I am visiting Senegal at a wiser stage in my life, and I know a hug, smile, a made up language would let someone know we are the world.

I have made so many friends with sign languages, have shared my number with so many people, I cannot even keep count but in a simple way just to bring joy because yes the number is shared with women, men and we cannot communicate so it is an innocent familyhood is that a word (haha nothing of intent to break the red rules.)

Did i mention I love doing the fist bump Michelle Obama did with Obama on the campaign trail?

My fellow participants were wonderful in their ways. A fellow participant whom I admire and respect deeply asked me if I thought it is easier to connect with the people  because of my race and my answer was I really think so and I wanted to be honest. Also I want Dragons to know I did not go out seeking local celebrity status here people, babies and children would just come to me. Then I would share my water or my lip balm to let them know we’re cool because most times we don’t have a shared language.

En sha la, peace and love
Adama, Erlene