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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.


Hello all, while trying to navigate the wildly hectic streets of Phnom Penh we happily stumbled upon an internet cafe. Coincidentally, the exact thing we needed for five more points on our scavenger hunt. Today, we have finally been sent out on our own to learn and explore the city, most simply done by getting lost and taking a photo(+2 points) We have already had to avoid getting ripped off by a tuktuk driver, visit the Wat Phnom and pay our respects, challenge our language skills while buying local fruits and also manage to borrow a locals phone to call our instructors (+4 points)  Our favorite stop so far has been the Ourusey market with all the overwhelming stalls with everything you could possibly think of, from nail polish to chicken to jeans to motorcycles. We hope to continue our amazement in this vivid city and hopefully arrive on time at 3;45 at Independence monument to regroup and share our experience with a win.(hopefully)

-The Blonde Bai

one blonde, one used to be blonde, and one wannabe blonde