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Hello! My name is Willa and I was born and raised in Manhattan. I’m now a boarder at Milton Academy where I am a junior.

I’m really interested in history, and I took Mr. Emmott’s History of the Middle East class last semester and am taking his Globalization of Islam class now. I also like creative writing and I’m planning to take econ next year which I think I will enjoy. I also really love horseback riding, which I have been doing for eleven years, and I love art, fashion, and design.

I’m really excited to go to Jordan and contextualize what I have learned in Mr. Emmott’s classes this year. I love traveling, and I think it will be really interesting to see the “reality” aspect of the concepts I’ve been learning about. I’m hoping I can learn a bit of Arabic, and I’m really glad that we are going to be able to meet real Jordanians and see what life in Jordan is really like, not just an edited version designed for the comfort of foreigners.