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Hello Riverdale travelers,

Welcome to our big traveling family! My name is Tingting, you might know my famous Belgian brother TinTin from his series of adventures! (Just kidding! Haha), I’m so happy to be one of your instructors along with Mark, Lu and Miriam!

I was born and raised in the southwest China, Kunming is where some of the very first Dragons trips started many years ago. My time in college and my job as a facilitator of art projects brought me to some interesting places in China. Currently my home base is Shanghai.

As a native Chinese speaker, I understand several dialects in China. One of the things I am the most excited about in this journey is getting to chat with different people all along with you guys. In this trip we will come through three dialects and my expectation is that you should be able to speak at least two dialects (just kidding!). While one of my goals is to help you learn my native language know that I will be here to help you communicate with the locals!

There’s always so much fun and learning to be had on the road! Looking forward to giving you big hugs at the Beijing airport!