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Self Introduction

(1) a self-introduction:
Hello! My name is Arianna Elena He-An Hellman. I am 14 and I am half Chinese, half white and live in New York. I take Chinese because I do not want to forget how to speak the language and it is important to my heritage. I want to go to China because I lived in Shanghai and it quickly became a home for me. My absolute favorite thing to do is draw or do art. I am an artist. I like to draw portrait and figure and I always like to experiment with new techniques and mediums in other art projects. I also like to bake because you can always eat the final product.

(2) the learning goals I set up for yourself:
– Over the course of the China trip, I learned new vocabulary by conversing with native Chinese speakers and my host family members. I learned how to recognize these words and speak them as well, maybe I learned how to write them.
– I established better and closer connections with the others in the group going to China during this trip. I spent more time with others in my grade and grades above mine. In addition to connecting with others at school, I also became close to my host family.
– I learned how to become more outgoing and more talkative with others. I spoke with members of mu host family and other people on this trip, thereby coming out of my comfort zone into the learning zone and overcoming shyness.

(3) share a favorite quote from “Why We Travel.” This article is also available in the “Core Reader” packet you received last week, on p. 5.
My favorite quote from the article is “the first great joy of traveling is simply the luxury of leaving all my beliefs and certainties at home, and seeing everything I thought I knew in a different light, and from a crooked angle.” This quote highlights the importance of coming out of one’s comfort zone while traveling. It is important to experiment and look at things from “a crooked angle.” Gaining a new perspective on things allows you to learn more about a culture and the importance of that culture to the people around you.