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Photo by Elke Schmidt, Senegal Bridge Year Program.

Senegalese Current Events and Politics

You may wish to check out some of the latest current events in Senegal as you pack your bags for West Africa. One of the country’s top news sites is:

We’ve also linked to some recent articles in English below in the international media:

Current Events

Senegal’s baobab trees are disappearing

Museum of Black Civilizations opens in Dakar

Timeline of Senegalese political history

Aljazeera piece on Senegalese CFA (the country’s controversial currency tied to France)

Former president Abdoulaye Wade protesting elections


Upcoming Presidential Elections 

You are visiting Senegal at an exciting time— the country’s presidential elections are scheduled for February 24th. Politics are on everybody’s mind, so you may wish to learn a little bit about the actors involved.

Politicians to Know

Macky Sall (current president, up for re-election, APR ruling party candidate)

Idrissa Seck (REWMI candidate)

Issa Sall (PUR candidate)

Ouseman Sonko (PASTEF candidate)

Madické Niang (PDS candidate)

Abdoulaye Wade (former president, PDS)

Kharim Wade (former president’s son, PDS, banned from running)

Khalifa Sall (Taxawu Senegal, banned from running, currently imprisoned)


Take care and until soon!

Samba and Jenny