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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Settled into Home-Stays in Koshi Tappu

Him B has arrived in the Terai and we are enjoying the warmer weather as we begin to spend time in our new home-stays. The Terai is a beautiful place to begin our course. While at home, our days have already been filled with helping our families milk the cows, harvest potatoes, sweep courtyards, and look after younger siblings. In the coming few days we will begin Nepali lessons, learn about the migratory birds that are currently overwintering here, and engage in conversations about Nepal/India relations. We have already seen spotted owls, newborn goats, and dozens of songbirds. There is no shortage of wildlife here.

All are happy and healthy. We will have limited access to internet over the next two weeks, so please have patience if you do not hear from our students with frequency.