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We arrived in Chiang Mai and were greeted with open trunk, truck taxis. As we wizzed through the city, we were excited to start our new adventure. New sights, new smells and lots to take in!

Soon we arrived at the INA guesthouse where we met our second Dragons guide, Gregory.  After sharing an incredible family style meal full of Thai specialties he gave us a thorough orientation.  We then headed out to meet one of Ramphai and Gregory’s friends Mimi. She taught us about the details of the indigenous people in Thailand, specifically the Lisu, which gave us insight into our future home-stays.

Another delicious Thai meal, a guest speaker on the mission of our guest house and some very tired travelers makes for an early night!

First Day haiku

The sounds of Thailand

Fill our ears as we walk by

A beautiful home.


Sammy and Nellie