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Welcome to Milton’s third class trip to Jordan!  I have been teaching at Milton academy for the past 14 years in the History Department.  Four years ago I went on my first Dragons’ trip to Jordan with a group of teachers from across the United States, and instantly knew that I had to incorporate travel to Jordan into my teaching.  Three years later and the itinerary keeps getting better. Each year I discover something new which keeps me coming back to Jordan.

Why Jordan?  My interest in the Middle East started in elementary school when I learned about the pyramids in Egypt.  This led to a persistent request of my mother to bake cookies so that I could sell them around town to raise money for my future trip to Egypt. It took until my junior year in high school when I was able to spend a semester studying at the Schutz American School in Alexandria, Egypt.  This only fueled my desire to study Arabic, the history of the Middle East and to return to the region. After studying Middle East history in college and graduate school I joined the Peace Corps and was part of the first group of Peace Corps volunteers to go to Jordan in 1997! I spent 27 months living in Iraq Al-Amir a small village in Wadi Seer overlooking the Dead Sea working for the Noor Al-Hussein Foundation. After leaving the Peace Corps I traveled widely in the region, studied Arabic at Bir Zeit University in Ramallah, and continually returned to Jordan.

I am counting the days until we land at Queen Alia Airport and start our adventure.  I look forward to exploring Amman with a new group of students and seeing the city anew again.