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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

Team on the move + some photos

Hello family and friends of our Spring Mekong Students,

I just wanted to let you know that the group said a teary goodbye to their homestay families this morning (27 Feb) following a final farewell party last night. The team are now currently on the move to Siem Reap where they will be for 4 nights.

On the island of Koh K’Sach Tonlea, the 3G is patchy and so photos and videos are harder to share. Please enjoy these photos and vids I just received from the team. The students will have access to an internet cafe in Siem Reap (which is a large town).

In Siem Reap the students will explore the phenomenal Angkor Wat Temple Complex, meet with a local education NGO and their students (who are similar in age to our students) and meet the infamous Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Sister Denise, who heads up Metta Karuna (a reflection centre and accomodation site where the students will be staying), plus more!

Stay tuned for more photos too. I will post as many as I receive.

And thank you for your continued support and patience as always.

With gratitude,