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Two Dragons welcome the sunrise with an improvised dance atop the Andes. Photo by Ryan Gasper.

Toro Toro

Hey Everyone! This is Peter checking in to just say what a great time we have all been having in Bolivia! We just got back from a treck in the breathtaking mountains of Toro Toro, where our wonderful guide Don Mario and his daughter Linna led us through the mountains, showing us the most remote and wonderful parts of  the ever expansive national park. From perfectly preserved dinosaur footprints to hikes through wide canyons, it was a unique and beautiful journey.

The experiences that I will always truly cherish are the ones that you cannot plan. I will never forget staying late by the campfire and listening to the wonderful tales of Don Mario, who knows the mountains better than anyone in the world. Or falling behind during the treck and listening to his daughter Linna describe the vast flora and fauna that the mountains has to offer. Or us sharing a laugh as I try to repeat phrases in the native tongue Quechua, struggling as I do.

I hope that years later I will later return to these mountains and have Linna as my guide, ever as knowledgeable as her father, and that she will lead groups as eager as ours through the wonderful mountains of Toro Toro, and that they will have experiences as beautiful and impactful as ours, yet each in their own unique way.