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Photo by Elke Schmidt, Senegal Bridge Year Program.

Update from Friday’s activities in Niodior

This morning we spoke with a fishing captain who had made the dangerous sea passage to Spain in a wooden pirogue with 90 other clandestine immigrants. Each passenger pays around $1000 USD to buy their passage. Upon arrival in Tirefe, the police arrested all of them, handcuffed, and questioned them before sending 70 out of the 90 back to Dakar on a plane. Today he makes his living here in Niodior as a fisherman, and wishes the government would invest more in fishing.

This evening we witnessed a traditional Serer wrestling party and presented a large sack of rice to the winner, who hefted it easily over his shoulder amidst cheers from the crowd! Tonight is our last night with our homestay families in Niodior – tomorrow we make the boat and car journey back to Dakar. We will miss the hospitality and generosity of our hosts here on the island.