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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Urubama 2.0

Hi everyone!

We have been in Urubamab for a few days now. Everyone has just about settled in and are now in Spanish classes. Everywhere we have been so far has been incredibly beautiful and everyone we have met has been super nice. This Monday we switched group roles and I am trying my hand at writing some Yaks this week. While we miss our friends and family back home everyone is glad they have come and is having an incredible time. We have become super close as a group and after only twoish weeks we know a whole lot about one another. This trip so far has had some very long days but some very short weeks. Looking back, it feels like we got here just yesterday but thinking through each day they seemed never ending. Especially when we were hiking uphill for 6 hours straight. Even the very long, rainy, and cold hikes were super worth it. As of today I am the only group member to get sick and am slowly getting better. There’s not much else to say. Everyone is happy, getting along and healthy (except me). We started planning our trip to Machu Picchu for next week so there will be more updates to come from that!


Bye for now,