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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.


Hola Queridos!

We have officially begun homestays here in Urubamba, and everyone is adjusting quite well to the abundance of potatoes and rice in every meal. The families have been more than caring and flexible – adjusting schedules, rooming, diets, and most important, speaking ten times slower than usual so that we might be able to pick up a few words along the way. I was especially glad to hear that the vegetarian members are being fed adequately and are ecstatic. Spanish classes have begun and I, personally, have finally learned to count to twenty in Spanish, so it is more than safe to say I am fluent. The teachers are amazing – proceeding at a perfect pace and answering questions prior to moving on. The street food is the best part of the trip so far and I am so glad I was vaccinated. Just kidding. In all seriousness, the small bakeries, restaurants, and markets are not only cheap, but delicious and fully prepared to handle foreigners such as ourselves. Everybody has mastered their respective routes to and from school and the Dragons Den (meeting place). For all the nervous parents, updates will continue as normal and everyone will be writing atleast 3-5 yaks at different points in the trip. Ciao!

Henry Raith