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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

Why am I here?

I am here to watch a TV show I do not understand. I am here to listen to a language in which I only know two words. I am here to taste food that I have never tasted before. I am here to feel the heat on my skin and the warm breeze go through my hair. I am here to get eaten by mosquitoes and burned by the sun. I am here to surround myself by cultures that are different from my own, but at the same time they are very much the same.

I am here to fall in love, and get my heart broken. I am here to get lost and find myself, and then get lost again.

But mostly I am here to try to understand. Because it is through understanding that we are capable of loving. Try to understand a culture, understand a person, understand myself and even attempt to understand the world. Finally, I am here to understand that it’s also okay to not fully understand why I am here.

Maybe in the future it will all make more sense, all the dots will connect, like constellations in the sky. But all I have right now are these dots, and all I can do is make each one shine bright, to end up with a sky full of stars!