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A few thoughts

My name is David Kroch and I am a history teacher at Watkinson School in Hartford, Connecticut. Last summer my school sent me and my colleague, Allison Pistolessi, on a preliminary trip to explore Jordan, make connections, and begin designing a trip for students. This trip was borne from a shared belief that there is no more powerful tool in education than travel.

When Allie and I returned to Watkinson in the fall, we (with the indispensable guidance and support of Dr. Jen O’Brien) embarked on a new mission: bring students with us to Jordan. We wanted these students to have the life-changing experience that we did when we first visited this dazzling country. As educators, Allie and I are bursting at the seams with excitement for this trip, because we know how impactful it will be for our students. This trip will have profound meaning for them, as it did for us, and we cannot wait to share this experience with them. I am grateful for this opportunity and am mindful that without the guidance and support of the Watkinson community–colleagues, mentors, students, and parents– I would not be preparing to hop on a plane in 3 days.