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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

A Little Bit of Heaven

I wish I could show you the light where the sun comes shining through,
this little piece of heaven reminds me of you.
Rocks that look like rugged clouds lay upon the turquoise water,
I wish I could share this little piece of heaven,
where all your worries need not bother.

I see you when I go outside,
sitting by the river or when taking a bike ride.
I felt you there by my side
as I climbed that arch and saw gods purest creation right in front of my eyes.

I know this little piece of heaven was made just for you.
I wish I could show you the limestone formations that looked like crashing waves,
beyond our hectic lives was peace inside that cave.

Oh Maddie,
I wish you could have felt the cave’s cold water around your ankles.
I wish you could see the world,
every ray of sunshine,
every mountain,
every star.