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A Walk in the City

This weekend Esha and I walked the length of the city, beginning in the university-dotted North and ending in the familiar Kotagede market. We walked along busy main roads and through narrow alleys, crept into abandoned houses and found ourselves in a gated community. On our journey we stopped for street art as well as street food, carrying in one hand an enormous bag of fruit and dough balls slathered in sweet and spicy sauces in the other.

Yogyakarta is a city of contrasts, where nature, art, and society interact and compete for space. Listen to musicians play for an audience of passing motorbikes. See electric rice fields that sprout up between two concrete buildings. Watch a river carry discarded plastic downstream; observe sleeping animals that guard empty homes. In these photos, I hope you enjoy Jogja’s syncretism; looking for the beauty as well as the ugliness that exists in a city I’ve grown to love.