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Two Dragons welcome the sunrise with an improvised dance atop the Andes. Photo by Ryan Gasper.

Boat trip in the Amazon! Brief Itinerary

Hello friends and families!

Today we are taking off on a 6-day trip in the Bolivian Amazon and we’ll be temporarily out of service. We’ll be in touch again with student yaks from Rurrenabaque on April 1st. Here’s a brief itinerary.

Tuesday March 26

Traveling by boat down the “Rio Caca” and camping on the shoreline. We will visit a waterfall and hopefully see some wildife!

Wednesday March 27

We will set off again by boat, visiting a small community called Yuquimuni and enjoying  fresh cacao and coconut! Our boat will then connect with the Beni River, a tributary of the Amazon, where we will make camp for the night.

Thursday Mar 28

We will leave early in the morning passing through a canyon with much wildlife. In the afternoon, we will arrive to a small indigenous community called Asunción de Quiquibey. We will stay with families here until leaving for Rurrenabaque again by boat the morning of April 1st.

Friday March 29

Homestays in Asunción de Quiquibey

Saturday March 30

Homestays in Asuncion de Quiquibey

Sunday March 31st

Homestays in Asuncion de Quiquibey

April 1st

Arrive to Rurrenabaque by boat in the morning. Students will be able to post yaks about their experiences this afternoon.

Okay so that’s our plan. We’ll be in touch shortly. Now it’s time for some jungle adventures!