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Bunch of Thoughts

It’s the end of Day 3 in Guatemala. What do I think? How do I feel? Fulfilled, yet hungry for more. I’m simply beginning my journey here, and I’m already learning so much. Not only about the culture around me, but about life and myself. It’s so easy to just talk to people. I and a friend went for a walk while the rest of the crew decided to stay back and play Uno, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made on this trip. I just started making conversation with a guy who worked at the hotel we’re staying at. He’s just like us. Found out big homie has two boys, our age, in their first year of university. They like sports, just like us. I realized the importance of trips like these is hearing and validating the many stories, and the richness they add to your own life perspective. Looking forward to more.