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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

Caves and Boats

We set out on our X-Phase adventure so I wanted to share our first days activities!

We started our first day in an “Ecolodge” and walked to Tham Kong Lor a 7.5km cave under a mountain. After the walk our adventure began with life jackets being handed out and a guide leading on a short hike passing serenely calm fish swimming in pools in the river we were walking along. The scenic beauty was quickly overtaken by the descent into Tham Kong Lor’s gaping maw. The Cave mouth descended into a open stone and sand beach where we were herded into boats in sets of three, the sound of rushing water and engines revving dominated the small space. As we departed in our small boats the darkness quickly swallowed us leaving us with just the light of our headlamps and our boat drivers small light to see and guide us on our way. The cave was intense passed by far to quickly and echoed the sounds of our boats engine hauntingly. From lit areas where we walked among the side beaches of the cave to hauling our boat up small water falls or over shallow areas the cave journey was varied on the way upriver. The boat ride was both loud from our engine the caves echoes and clangs and quite as we were all silent or whispering in reverence for the sheer power of being under the mountain and the majesty of the place we were in. On the way back my group turned off our lights and simply let the caves energy wash over us.

The echoing darkness and it’s energy is still really memorable to me, I could feel the vibration of the echoes.
I can’t wait to see what other Adventures our X-Phase brings!