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Collateral Repair Project

Today we went to an organization called Collateral Repair Project, CRP. During our visit we learned about how the organization helps and supports refugees residing in Jordan. CRP offers various programs for men, women, and children. Examples of this include: English lessons, music classes, beauty classes, and countless more.  Each program helps to improve the livelihood of refugees in Amman, something that is lacking in Jordanian society as many refugees are devoid of rights and are subject to racism. Also, CRP works diligently to empower both men and women teaching life skills and respect for one another. One thing that intrigued me was when the Director informed us that that they will refuse grants which only allow them to use the money for one nationality or creed. They are very adamant in conveying that they are a non secular organization, meaning they accept all refugees regardless of identity. Our tour involved observing some classes in full swing! One that stuck out to me was “The Elephant Room”. This room empowers young refugee girls who have gone through lots of traumatic events. Although they have each witnessed events that no child should ever see, their liveliness as they crafted together and their laughter that carried through the room and over the music gave me inspiration and hope for the future.  The photo in the header is of a house these young girls crafted as a way to build the house of their dreams.