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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.


I once again have a new recipie to share to Adam and my mass following of Peruvian cooking enthusiasts. We can’t let our fans down. I am writing about Espagettis a la Huancaina. It serves 1-2 people. I personally thought the sauce was delicious as it had an aroma of different and unique flavors. The fried mushroom I also added to the dish was spectacular as it was fried to perfection. I hope you enjoy this classic Peruvian pasta.


Linguini 1/8 kilo

Aji (the same hot pepper things we’ve been talking about for the past two weeks) 4

Onion 1/2

Oil 1 TBSP

Salt 1 tsp (plus a little more for the mushroom)

Cheese (Andean salty cheese, queso fresco would probably work) 20 grams

Milk 1/4 cup

Black pepper 1/4 tsp (plus a little more for the mushroom)


How to cook:

Cook linguini

Go to my post where I describe how to make papa a la huancaina and follow those instructions, only the sauce part

Take your huancaina sauce and put it back into the skillet you used to cook the onion and peppers

Put your cooked and drained pasta into the pan with the sauce and toss it. You might need to re-heat a bit

Add salt and pepper to your mushrooms

Egg and bread your mushrooms and then fry them

When your pasta is mixed and the desired temperature put it on a plate

Put your mushrooms on the plate on top of the pasta and enjoy

Adam did shrimp instead of mushroom but you get the idea.


Adam just proof read my post and told me it was ¨too abrupt¨ so he ¨spiced it up a bit¨