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Cross Country Adventure

Today, we transitioned out of the bustling city of Amman and set out on the next leg of our adventure. This morning, we visited EcoPeace, an environmental organization dedicated to preserving the Jordan Valley region and its water resources. We talked about the reasons for environmental damage, and its effects on Jordan and its neighboring countries. Later, we got to see those effects firsthand, as we visited the Dead Sea. We floated, covered ourselves in mud, and made friends with German tourists. After shriveling from the salt, we saw massive sinkholes that resulted from the diversion of the Jordan River. We learned that several Jordanians have woken up to find their property collapsed by sinkholes. After our Dead Sea visit, we bought junk food for the 3 hour drive to Petra. On our steep and hilly drive, we saw camels, donkeys, and enjoyed the incredible views of the rock formations and the towns below. We have arrived in Petra, and we can’t wait for our rigorous hiking adventure tomorrow! Masalaama!