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Day 1/Morning of Day 2

Allie P. dreamt of frisbees last night. Perhaps you would too if you spent four hours (!!) in a van with the Captain of the Ultimate Frisbee Team who forgot to bring his frisbee. (Side note to you future travelers: this is why we leave Watkinson 7 hours prior to a flight)


I was in the other van, so I don’t have any strange dreams to share. But I woke up this morning to a familiar view of the Roman amphitheatre, with the same thought in my head as I had when I fell asleep last night: I forgot how much I missed this place. Walking the streets night, eating Mansaf and Knafeh (Googling will provide information, but will never do justice) drinking turkish coffee–taking in the sights, smells, noises, and flavors of Amman. I’ve found my way back to a dear old friend. This trip will be markedly different from our last because of the new friends we’ve brought with us and the ones we’ve yet to meet.


Kevin and Mohammad, our Where There Be Dragons Instructors (from here on out we’ll just say Dragons), have carefully designed an itinerary that will nourish, challenge, and spark joy in our students–we could not ask for better people to take care of us. And our students–Niyanna, Chanjoo, Alli, Youssef, Katherine, Matteo, Jean, Dawit, Alina, and Avery–I’m in awe of them. They’re all-in on this trip. They’re curious, happy, and ready to soak in this experience. We told them they can’t bring phones and instead of complaining they listened and understood. They know why they are here and I know they will represent themselves and our school beautifully.


Last night was a delightful entry into our journey, but today we begin our trip in earnest. We’re going to reconnect with our friend Paul at the Norwegian Refugee Council. We’re going to eat falafel from the world famous Hashem. We’re going to look for a frisbee.

I cannot wait to get started.