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Day 2!

MarHaba! ~~~~Kefick?~~~~


Everyone is still in high spirits. Physical and emotional scales average at a whopping 8/10.


We started off the day with a quick Arabic lesson in the Roman amphitheater across from our hotel. We learned greetings and phrases such as “where are you from?” or “how are you?”


Then we trekked up countless flights of stairs to lunch in Jabal Luweibdeh, before meeting Dina, the founder of Sawiyan. We learnt that Sawiyan is an organization that focuses on empowering Sudanese refugees in Amman. Specifically, they organize weekly meetings at a skatepark, where the refugee community comes together to play and engage in outdoor activities. We had the privilege of visiting the skate park during one of these sessions, warming up with them and even learning to skate ourselves (don’t worry, Esteban attended to only minor injuries). Willa and Olivia were quick to pick up the skate life and are considering going pro. We were able to practice our Arabic with new friends.


Following, we broke up into groups that explored downtown Amman and Jabal Luweibdeh, the ‘Brooklyn of Amman.’ Some of us visited art galleries, while others went headscarf shopping.


Dinner was at Jaffra, which served traditional Levantine food. So far, no meal has disappointed our appetite. We are looking forward to our surprise evening activity, which allegedly requires multiple layers.