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Day 6 – San Lucas Tolimán

Hola everyone, Andrew here again. Just an update from yesterday’s activities. We started our days with breakfast in our home stays. Afterwards we traveled to a local field and jungle to study permaculture and milpa farming systems. We hiked to a lookout point to learn about the detrimental effects of monoculture on the land and its people. After this we went to a food forest and got to try out some local fruits. We had lunch at Ijatz and then spoke to a man who is working for reforestation. He works with children in nearby  schools to pick up trash and replace it with a variety of beneficial trees. We ended our day in homes, where Jackson and I got to teach our host sisters how to play Egyptian Rat Screw (a card game). This trip is coming to an end quickly and we still have so much to do. I look forward to making the best of our final few days.