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Day Three!

MarHaba everyone!


We’re all doing very well so far – everyone has still been averaging a 8/10 on the emotional and physical scales.


We started off our day with another Arabic lesson in the Hashemite Square across the street from the hotel, learning phrases like “I want” and “Here, take this!” along with the numbers in Arabic.


After our lesson, we jumped in vans and made our way through the crowded streets of Amman to Syrian Direct , a news organization dedicated to telling the story of what’s happening in Syria through the perspectives of citizens (James’ former workplace). We spoke with Noura, the managing Arabic Editor, and Ammar, a senior reporter with the organization. Both spoke about their experiences working on journalism in Jordan concerning Syria and the challenges associated with the task. Noura shared stories about the challenges of being a Syrian Journalist in Amman, telling us that, “[Syrians] don’t have rights in Jordan, and that complicates everything in our daily lives.” All of us were incredibly privileged to hear their stories and the challenges of modern journalism, especially since some of us are interested in becoming journalists later in life.

After a great question-and-answer session, we jumped back in the vans, grabbed some delectable chicken shawarma on the way, and went to the Collaborative Repair Project (CRP), a grassroots organization working to support struggling refugees through food vouchers and financial aid. We spoke first with Rana, an Iraqi refugee who was assisted by CRP herself before joining the association as an employee, now serving as the youth coordinator. Rana told us that CRP changed her life for the better, and she’s happy every day coming to work with the child refugee. We then spoke with Judy, the communications director, who explained the structure of the organization and various programs that CRP offers, and took a tour of the center.

After CRP, we snuck into the Citadel and enjoyed the incredible views of the city and of the ruins. We then went back downtown and wandered around for an hour, visiting various shops. We then proceeded to have an incredible dinner at Hashem’s , indulging in falafel and plenty of pita bread. We’re all still stuffed from the restaurant.

Everyone’s heading to bed sleepy, excited for the early day to come!