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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.


Hello Peru Participants,

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Peru in just over a week. We’re sure you’re busy wrapping up your work, preparing for the program, and packing! We would like to share a few points based on common questions received from group members:

Airport pick-up: Japhy will be at the airport to welcome you upon arrival.  You can expect to see a Dragons sign when you make your way through immigration and into the main arrivals area.  For those of you arriving either on the same flight or close in time, we will transport you to the hotel in the same car.

Schedule for March 20th: We’ve booked shared rooms for you at Los Chullpas, an eco-lodge in Urubamba (1 hour drive from Cusco).  There is nothing formally planned for that day, so once you arrive and settle into the lodge, enjoy the time that you have for yourself.  We do hope to have a dinner all together that evening, so will let you know that timing that day once we have everyone’s arrival details. The course officially begins the following morning at breakfast.

Contact numbers: Japhy will arrive in Peru a few days before the course begins.  He will share his contact number with you by email.

Entering Peru: When you arrive at the airport, the immigration officer (or form) will ask where you are staying.  You can simply list your address as Las Chullpas, Urubamba, Peru, hotel phone number: (84) 201568. There is an ATM and money changing spot after you leave immigration and customs. When you arrive, look for a sign with DRAGONS written on it and Japhy’s smiling face!

Luggage: A few have asked about bringing a suitcase/rolling bag instead of a backpack. This is fine, although we do recommend a day pack for shorter hikes and while moving around towns and sacred sites.

Homestay gifts: We will have four nights in a homestay in the Paque de las Papas with Qhechua families. It’s great to bring some simple, inexpensive gifts for the homestay family. We recommend gifts that are conversation starters and allow you to engage with your family, such as things that are related to your hometown or state. Toys or interactive activities also go down well if there are children in the family. If you don’t have time to prepare this, no problem, as we can easily pick something appropriate up in-country.

Itinerary: The tentative itinerary was posted on the yak board.  Please know that we will discuss our time together in more detail during the orientation.  We try to keep room open for you to explore topics that are particularly interesting to you or all group members, as well as leave space for you to opt out of activities for more down time.

Weather:  Daytime temps right now in the Sacred Valley are in the mid- 60’s with anywhere from a 30-50% chance of rain daily.  We always find that people are happiest with a good umbrella on hand. The trails can be a little muddy when it rains, so a good pair of footwear (sturdy running shoes or light hiking boots are best).

We hope you are looking forward to the program. Please get in touch if you have any further questions before your travels to Peru!

All the best,