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Finca La Protectora

Yesterday was such an awesome day! We started the day right with a classic Dominican breakfast: mangú con los tres golpes, which consisted of mashed plantains with onions that were soaked in vinegar, fried cheese and fried eggs. We also had a bunch of different delicious natural juices from fruit straight from the farm. All the food that we’ve eaten is straight from the farm which is really reassuring. After breakfast we rode to a site seeing point where we could see practically all of the farm and beyond, and we learned a little bit of the history of the farm and how it became a place of both agriculture and tourism. Instead of riding back down to the area where we are staying, we walked back, coming across different fruits like pineapple and mandarins which were both so good! When we got back we got to work in the little cocoa bean ranch. We saw how the beans were toasted, and then we had the opportunity to crack open the cocoa bean shells and grind them up and then mix the cocoa powder with sugar to make the chocolate less bitter. We ate little chocolate balls which were so good. We got to see fruits of our labor later on with a chocolate spread on little pieces of bread (like Nutella but natural and way better for you) and then straight up chocolate bread! We did a few activities and had some downtime, and finished off the night with dinner and live music from a popular band based in this town. We got to dance and eat and laugh with each other and everyone on the farm. It was such a great time and we are all looking forward to the amazing experiences that are to come. Much love to all of you, 😊❤️