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First Day In India

Today was very fascinating. We started the day at 9am. Many of us were still tired since we went to bed at 3:30am. We all gathered for breakfast and ate samosas and drank chai. The chai we tried this morning in India was much sweeter than the one we tried before the trip started. Then we did a few program activities that brought us all closer together. In those activities we learned about the difference in using Mumbai/Bombay and went over some trip rules. For lunch, we ate a variety of chaats, Indian appetizers. Afterward we walked around the art sector of the city. We visited a great diversity of religious sites; There was a synagogue, Catholic Churches, and a fire temple all around the same area. Then we went to dinner where we all enjoyed different varieties of an Indian savory pancake dish. We ended the day with a walk back to the hotel through a busy street and a group check in.