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Hacky Sack with Local Children

Hello everyone!

My name is Andrew, and I am a senior on this trip, as well as the only student that has never taken a spanish class. Excuse my grammar and spelling, as I am writing this on a computer in a internet cafe that thinks I am writing in Spanish.

As I was packing for this trip, I decided to bring a small hacky sac that I had gotten a few years ago on a backpacking trip. The packing list suggested small games and activities for the group and I figured this would be perfect. Anyone can play hacky sack and usually the worse you are, the more fun it is. Well yesterday I finally had an excuse to bring the hacky sack out. We were standing in a group near a local basketball court waiting for our next scheduled activity to begin, so I got a few other guys to standup and start kicking it around with me. Out of nowhere, these two young Guatemalan boys come up to us and join our game. They did not want to speak at first but were definitely not shy. They took turns putting the hackysack on their heads ad jumping off a bench trying to imitate our own terrible moves. The would just catch the hacky sack when it game to them and proceed to punt it into the street. We all cheered them on us they attempted to be part of our group and it was fun to be able to play with these absolute strangers. One boy left and we started to ask the other one a few questions in Spanish. I have no idea how to pronounce or spell the boy{s name but I do know that he was six years old and that the other boy was his brother. Other guys from our group swapped in and just about everyone had a chance to play. A few minutes later the older brother showed up with a much larger bouncy ball in hand. I find it so interesting that he just left his younger brother with these strange older Americans so that he could find a better ball for us to play with. We had to leave for our scheduled activity not long after he came back but overall it was a  great time playing hcky sack with these two random kids. I LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING MORE LOCALS IN OUR NEXT CITY AND INCLUDING THEM INTO OUR GROUP{S GAMES.

I realize now that I hit the caps lock button in the last sentence but it is to much work on this keyboard to go back and fix it.

Thanks for reading,