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Haverford School Guatemala

This trip has been quite the experience even after just a couple of days. I believe everything we have done so far has opened my eyes and has allowed me to take in each and every experience to the fullest. I think the most eye opening things came when we learned about the history of the country. For example, we leaned about how coffee is an important part of the culture and how they used to make it without using any machines. We were also fotunate enough to hear some traditional music from a band called Tz’utu Qájom. Another highlight so far is when we took a hike up a large mountain about three miles high. I believe everyone enjoyed themselves while doing that as we were able to take a little swim near the top as well as see an amazing veiw of nearly the entire city. Those are just some of many highlights of the trip so far and we are all looking forward to the rest of it.