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Two Dragons welcome the sunrise with an improvised dance atop the Andes. Photo by Ryan Gasper.

Heading for our next trek

Dear families and friends,

As we write, we are heading out to our trek in one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in South America. We will have a six-day trek at the base of the mountain Illampu. We will have incredible views of glaziers, valleys and mountain ranges.

We will be reaching altitudes above 15,800 ft. Our group has been preparing physically for trek for the last three weeks and they have also been preparing and organizing the logistics for the last three days. We have to say that we are very proud of the capacity of our group to plan and organize food planning, tents, and group roles for this trek.

We will start our trek in the beautiful town of Sorata, from where we will head towards the first pass tomorrow. We will complete this loop on Saturday, getting back to Sorata and from there we will take transportation back to La Paz.

Our original plan included getting from this place to the amazon region of Bolivia. Due to the rains we have had to change our plan and only have a loops around Illampu. This was a last minute change considering the safety of the group. We do feel excited now about this change, because it will give us the opportunity to get closer to glaziers and do a day hike to a frozen lake that receives the name of Laguna Glaciar.

This will not affect our visit to the amazon region, because we will be taking transportation fro La Paz, to get to the same town where we were originally starting the Amazon part of our excursion (Guanay).

We are very excited to start with this second trek in our course and get to the beautiful natural areas that Bolivia has to offer. We are thinking about you all and are very thankful for this experience.

We will be back in phone and internet service on Sunday 24.

Sending much love,

The instructors