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Hello from Itzá!

Hola a todos!
I will be leading your trip with Luis in the incredible lands of Guatemala. I can’t wait to meet you all and start this experience! I am sure that it will be an enriching one for us all.
My name is Itzá Martínez de Eulate Lanza. I am from Managua, the capital city of Nicaragua – a beautiful country in Central America.  I am not from Guatemala but I declare myself a LOVER of Mayan culture and Guatemalan history! I have learned so much from this land that has so much to offer. Here, I have learned about the culture and the traditions, but most importantly I have learned about the resistance and creativity of its people.
I love to work alongside students that want to learn about this part of the world, so your curiosity will be fuel for my energy!
Well, to let you know a bit about me; I studied environmental engineering in Managua with the main focus on water. This is also the area where I want to continue my growth and learning. I have done some work in the central part of the country, where there are different kinds of forests, and most specifically with coffee producers.
I am a coffee enthusiast, and passionate about analog photography, dance, and agroecology. I would love to share and talk about these topics! Of course, I invite you all to ask me about my country and this part of the world!
Well, that is all for now. I will see you on Friday!