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Nepal Semester Student's Catherine Von Holt's photograph of the Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu.

Highlights of Regional Seminar Class in Nepal

Nepal Regional Seminar: Diversity in the Himalayas class has been a unique oportunity for students to gain an in-depth foundation in the geography, history, politics, religions and ethinicities of Nepal and the Himalaya, including experiential exploration of a variety of important issues related to human societies and their relationships to each other and the environment.

We have also had the opportunity to enjoy over a dozen field trips to some cultural performances, visits to temples and other sites of historical and religious importance, ecological restoration projects, and a litany of guest speakers and tours. We watched some amazing films, and met with some local people involved in making those films.

The students have been conducting independent research into topics of their interest, and writing about what they have discovered. I will post again about their written work.

It has turned out to be an exceptionally fun learning process for me as a teacher to facilitate their experiences, so I consider myself lucky – indeed honored – to accompany Dragons’ first College Study Abroad program in Nepal as the Regional Seminar faculty. Our students are especially engaged and intellectually curious young scholars.

Enjoy some of these photos of our field trips!