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¡Hola todos!

My name is Nick and I am a senior at Mount Desert Island High School. I come from a loving family of five who have shaped me to be who I am today. I love spending time outside our beautiful National Park, hammocking with my friends, and staying active. It would be an understatement to say I’m very excited about the experiences this journey will bring!

I’ve found a passion for traveling to other countries; as a junior, I embarked on my first journey to the Dominican Republic on a locally organized medical mission. In the two short weeks that I spent in the beautiful country, I didn’t realize how meaningful traveling and experiencing other cultures was to myself until I returned home. From the moment the wheels of the plane lifted off the ground, I knew that I would return. As  I read through the works of Pico Iyer, I began dwelling on my past experience in the Dominican Republic and also looking towards my future. Iyer states, “…the second thing we can bring them is a fresh and renewed sense of how special are the warmth and beauty of their country, for those who can compare it with other places around the globe.” This quote stood out to me because I’m following a dream career in the medical field where I can travel the world, experience new cultures, and bring a renewed sense of the warmth and beauty to each destination.

As I count down the days until we embark on this journey, I find myself becoming more and more excited to experience the culture through a host family. I’m a very hard worker who loves manual labor; it teaches strength, work ethic, as well as kindness and generosity. I hope to use this passion to learn as much as possible from my host family, whether its learning about how to make tortillas or (hopefully) learning about the process of my host father’s job. I plan to tackle the challenges I face head-on and with open eyes.

¡Espero traer recuerdos a casa!