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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Home away from home

Thought of the day: For me, true home is where I grew up. Home is the front yard I played on every day as I child, or the people I grew up knowing and saying hi to on a daily basis. But can home also be a place – anywhere is in this diverse world – where I can get the same `homey´ and `comfortable´ feeling for which I get at my real home? Before my time in Urubamba, I would not have thought so….

Today, March 8th, marks the one-month anniversary of Group B´s time here in Peru. The past few days have been a whirlwind for us, as we now are able to settle back into our homestays in Urubamba after finishing the first mini x-phase (student planned and led expedition) to Manchu Picchu. After visiting the ancient ruins, I have so many emotions inundating my mind and a plethora of appreciations to share; however, I choose to share only this: In the world we live in today, especially in Western Culture, independence and self-advancement are dually forced upon charactersitics that many believe guarentees success. But how the Incans and even my homestay family define success or wealth is not by the presence of money or grandious things, but by the presence of purpose and apprecation for their past.

Seeing Manchu Picchu and its architectural feats, feeling the deep and impactful history that lies on top of that mountain, is an experience that as a traveler, I will always remember and reflect upon as long as my mind is still remembering and my heart is still beating.


(P.S. Sorry I do not have one of my many pictures of Manchu Picchu to upload. I am still trying to befriend these internet café computers)