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Homestay Update

Hello from Tweisi!

Today is our last full day in Jordan, and I think I can speak for everyone when I say we are not ready to leave. We have had an incredible time on this trip and we have formed so many meaningful connections with all the people we have met. During the homestay, everyone in the village has been incredibly welcoming. With the help of Google Translate and intense gesticulation, we have been able to form tight bonds with our host families, and learn a lot about Arab culture. Everyone is having vastly different experiences with our homestay families regarding activities, food, and dynamics; however, we have all had a great time in the village. Yesterday, some families got to attend an engagement party, and others had a “not invited to the engagement party” party, which was also a blast. The incredible amounts of food, from stacks of pita bread to giant platters of rice and chicken, all served with very sweet Jordanian tea, have all been delicious. We are all looking forward to tonight desert activity at sunset. See you soon!