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Hunt the Culture

As apart of a Where There Be Dragons Partnership, we were given an opportunity to participate in a scavenger hunt across Chiang Mai to get a personal insight as to what Thai culture offers. Warned about the effects of “leakage,” or the phenomena of buying products or services in another country that don’t go back into their local economy, we were given key locations away from the extreme tourist-nuanced scenes. Across the cobblestone alleyways, we were led to Sompet Market hidden underneath the shadows of the surround green vegetation. After spending a few bat, a form of the local Thai currency, we started our venture off on a good start, fresh coconuts in hands, to the various temples, museums, monuments, and parks where we encountered unique fruit and produce markets. We chatted with monks at the Wat Chedi Luang, making sure to give them the highest, most respectable ‘wei’ upon greeting. With bright colors intertwining themselves through main streets and alleyways, we wiped our brows from the sweat induced by the 100 degree weather. This was exploration.