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IMPORTANT – Return Flight Update

Hello friends and families,

As you are likely aware, the Riverdale group was unable to board their original flight from Beijing to New York. We are currently working with our travel agent to find out why the airline did not allow them on their confirmed final leg of their itinerary.

The group was rebooked on the United #88 flight to Newark, and are currently en route, scheduled to land this evening at approximately 7:30 pm Eastern time at Terminal B, Gate 64. Please feel free track their flight status online (we typically use a website such as to monitor our groups’ flight statuses).

Once they land, they will have to go through passport check and customs. Please plan to meet your child at the Newark airport tonight where their Riverdale chaperone, Miriam Piña, will usher them into your waiting arms. Get ready for lots of wonderful stories!

Warm regards,

Dragons Admin