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Intro Post

When we are in the Dominican Republic, I hope to bring enthusiasm to every day of the trip. I think generally I’m a positive and flexible, two traits which I think are crucial when travelling. We talked recently as a group about how we get the most out of travelling when we aren’t comfortable; and I think that two of my strengths are my willingness to try new things and my open mind set. I also really like music! I play guitar and sing, and knowing that this trip is rooted in the music and rhythm of the Dominican Republic, I think I will truly enjoy being surrounded by the music of a new culture.

One of the experiences that has lead me to this program is my Spanish class. This year I am taking Spanish with Señor Caraballo. We have ready various short stories and a few books from different authors. The class focuses on learning about cultures through literature, and on this trip I hope to learn more through experience and travel. The class has also helped me practice my Spanish. Travelling with my family has also prepared me. I have travelled a lot in the past to different Spanish speaking countries. As a family, we travel to learn with open minds and to experience rather than to just be tourists. I have learned the importance of humility while traveling with my family, and I hope to practice that while in the Dominican Republic.

Over the course of the trip, I want to strengthen my Spanish, try new foods, and enjoy the atmosphere of a vibrant culture. I hope to learn a lot about dance and music and eventually share with my family and friends about my adventure.