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Intro Post

I am really excited about taking this trip to the Dominican Republic because travelling is something I have always loved to do. I  like to think that I have positive attitude and an open mind; for these reasons I really enjoy rustic travel because it gives us, as travellers, the unique opportunity  to understand a new culture and meet new people.

I have travelled with my family and have always been interested in living abroad at some point in my life.  When I travel with my family, we typically stay in hotels or AirBnBs; because of this, we are not able to fully appreciate and learn about a new culture as we are outsiders looking in. I think that staying with host families will allow us as visitors to truly gain a new perspective on what it is like living as a woman in the DR. After my sophomore year, I participated in the Spanish exchange in Spain and I loved living with a family and learning about Spanish culture. Throughout my life, I hope to continue to spend time in various countries so I can become a more informed global citizen.

While I have taken Spanish my four years at Milton and during middle school, I still find myself getting a little nervous when I have to speak Spanish in front of other people. I am hoping that this program will help me to not only expand my vocabulary but also help me to gain confidence speaking with native Spanish speakers. I look forward to becoming close with my house mother and her daughter and learn what it is like to live in the DR as well as get to know my peers and teachers on the trip even more.