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Intro Post

My strengths include being an avid learner, a great listener, and a social justice warrior. I go about my days trying to challenge and redefine the status quo. My passion, as cliche as it sounds, is to impact the world in a lasting and meaningful way. Whether it is through protests at school or arguments at home, I am always trying to voice my opinions. I also love dancing, especially styles of dance originating from the caribbean. My favorite styles of dance include bachata and salsa. This love of dance led me to take an advanced spanish course centered around music and dance. My Dominican identity mixed with this love pushed me to want to participate in this trip. I hope to see my country in a new way. I want to experience the Dominican Republic with people who have never been. Traveling with people unaware of the beauty in the Dominican Republic allows me to fall in love with my family and culture all over again.