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Intro Post

I can’t wait to bring my love of exploration to this program. Most of my vacations have been “touristy,” so I can’t wait to immerse myself in true Dominican culture. I come from a Hispanic background, with parents from Colombia and El Salvador. But something I have learned throughout my life is that every Latin American country has a different way of speaking Spanish, making food, and dancing to music. I have been surrounded by South American and Central American culture in my family and have lived amongst Dominican immigrants in Boston for a while, but I know that the Dominican Republic itself has an entirely different atmosphere. I want to enjoy the Caribbean’s beautiful people, food, and music! Another thing I am looking forward to is being with an amazing group of people who all genuinely want to learn new things and try new things. As a sophomore, I don’t know most of the girls in our group, but I hope to get to know of them during this one of a kind trip!

–Stephanie Abrego Díez