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Intro Post

My strengths include being an avid learner, an open communicator, an adventurous soul, and a catalyst for change. I have always been one to challenge norms and step out of my comfort zone, and I understand how invaluable those actions are and the  experiences that come out of them. While I am a native Spanish speaker, I have dedicated myself to taking advanced Spanish classes in order to improve my speaking, reading, and writing, but little did I know that taking those classes would afford me the opportunity to share my culture and experiences in a way enriches the edification of myself and of others. My experience in my Spanish classes made the idea of being on this trip and learning and experiencing with others all the more exciting. I also just love to celebrate my culture through dance and music (I swear I’ve been dancing since I was like 11 seconds old!), all things that we will be doing on the trip, so it’s like the cherry on top.

My past learning experiences, Dominican heritage, and love for dance and music definitely fueled my interest in this program. Furthermore, I think it will be really interesting to experience my country and all that it has to offer from the perspective of an outsider/tourist. This trip offers that opportunity. I hope that by doing so I will gain a better understanding of what it is to be Dominican and live in Dominican Republic, but more than anything I hope to re-fall in love with my country and its beauty all over again.